Saturday, October 3, 2015

Increase (or Decrease) Evenly Across A Row - Easily!!

How many times have you read in a pattern, "Increase (or decrease) x number of stitches evenly across row."  Yikes, MATH!!  There are formulas for this, so get our your reference books, paper, pen, and calculator.  Or, click on this link and let Knitulator do it for you!!

This great site is easy to use.  Just plug in the numbers from your pattern, and Knitulator will tell you exactly when to decrease or increase across the row.  How simple.

I tried it, and it worked great.

There is simple math for this.  Check out Lion Brand's site for a simple explanation.

Don't miss November's guild meeting, where Janet Sherry will be sharing all kinds of electronic wonders for knitters!!