Monday, September 11, 2017

September Newsletter

A creative use of extra knitting needles!
Photo courtesy of R.M
With the Fair wrapped up and a chill in the air, we ready ourselves for the fall of winter. Short cold days and longer cold nights are on the way. Add to your yarn stash and plan out some projects to fill those hours.  The September meeting will be our second annual F.A.R.T.. We are planning to stop at several shops locally and in Anchorage.  Our tentative schedule is as follows:

9-10am MatSu Family Restaurant, No-Host Breakfast & Trunk Show by CarolynVenhaus
10:30-11:00am Forever Endeavor
11:30am-12:15pm Tangled Skein
12:45-1:30pm Southside Knitting Nook (facebook)
(Maybe a quick stop at the Spenard Saturday market)
1:45-2:30pm Yarn Branch / The Quilt Tree
2:45-3:30pm Far North Yarn Co. (facebook)
3:45-4:30pm Wooly Mammoth (facebook)
5:00pm No-Host Dinner at Glacier Brewhouse (facebook)

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Newsletter

My dear friends
Not sure about anyone else.  I am having a hard time believing we are in August.  Seems just yesterday I was planning out my summer days.  Days filled with hiking, gardening, family picnics, work, berry picking and so much more. Now, we are planning out school days, readying fair entries and buying winter jackets. Where did my summer go?  
The next guild meeting is on August 19th and will be at our usual place. We will be starting at 1. Our teaching will be about color and dyeing. We will also have a surprise topic!
Attached are the minutes from the May meeting.  See y'all soon!
Rebecca Marhenke

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Colony Days 2017

Artists Uncorked is a wonderful paint shop in downtown Palmer, Alaska.  Second Saturday Art Walk for June is the same weekend as Colony Days.  Colony Days is organized by the Palmer Chamber of Commerce.  The Art Walk is organized by Palmer Museum. Both organizations encourage sharing history and fostering community. 

This weekend the guild had the opportunity to provide a Make N'Take at Artists Uncorked.  The project chosen is a super easy hat which can be used as an ornament or a package tie on.  Even more awesome is the project uses paper tubing (paper towels rolls, toilet paper etc...) and scraps of yarn.  Great project for those ends of balls that always are stashed.

Petting Zoo & Guild info
Petting Zoo
As part of our mission, we educate people on fiber.  Many visitors new to the fiber world are unaware of how qiviut feels before being carded and spun.  Or what a yak looks like. Or how silk is created from the silk worm. 
Artwork: Painted & Knitted
More Knitted Artwork
So, for most of public events, we will have a petting zoo and knitted items to display as well as information about the guild.

Saturday, June 10th was also the 5th annual World Wide Knit in Public Day.  We happily celebrated the love of knitting by...KNITTING! (Suprise!!)  

Many many thanks to our Guild Members who arranged this event. Our next event is June 17th, we will be participating in a progressive knit in public, starting in Wasilla and ending in Palmer.

Remember, knitting is a portable project (except that king size blanket).  Take your knitting with you and enjoy the beautiful yet short Alaskan Summer.  Share your enjoyment of knitting.  

Finish this sentence in the comment:

I knit because....

Happy Summer!

Sunday, April 30, 2017



Noun - the point in time or space at which something starts.

Adjective - new or inexperienced.

Starting a project or task can be hard. Especially if you have the end goal pictured but are unsure how to get there. Where do you start? How do you begin? For myself, I use the list technique. I write the goal and make a list of what should be done. For knitting, I start out by drawing a picture of what I plan to make. Then, if a garment, measure who the finished object is going to. Map out the measurements and ease on the picture. 

Next...CAST ON!!!. 

Nope. Experience has taught me (and knowledgeable knitters have reminded me) that swatching is important. Once I have my gauge, then I can cast on. Casting on for a project is another beginning. Do I need a stretchy cast on? Knit cast on? Long tail? Cable cast on? Provisional cast on? Which one to use? 

Each cast on has unique feature and benefit.  Here is a link to the handout from our April meeting: Casting on.

What is your favorite cast on to use?